Sketch : TKID170

Tkid170 black and white artworks..

Graffiti : Tableaux de maîtres – sos racisme auction

this late afternoon at Palais de Tokyo in Paris will take place the Pba graffiti auction for Sos-Racism. this past weekend, the pieces that will be auction were on display for the public. here is some quick pics including Revolt, Trike , Tkid, Ces , Cope2 , Noc167 , Sonic002 ,Coco144, Flint, Duro,Freedom , Trike  and some Euro as Bando Swen, Yeemd , Dize Chaze and Skki..

As we were consulting on this auction trying to bring out more names , we got some props on the show :


you can watch the auction live around 10 or 11 am (eastern time) here