Bomber Binder Oldschool Issue

Here comes the second installment of the Etch-a-sketch zine , now focusing on New-York Old School and featuring artists like Comet, Case2, Iz the Wiz , Terror 161 or Trike .
Designed by Jayone (Badbc/Tnb) , this issue as a classic tales from the old Ny with blackbook tags , throwups and rare pictures from this subway era.

-24 pages
-full colors
-limited to 30 pcs

available hereĀ 

‘Piece Out’ (more)

here are more from the ‘piece out’ – Write of Passage event, burners on the spot !

[TODAY]@MassAppeal and Red bull Studios New York present “Piece Out”

Write of Passage, Mass Appeal and Redbull Studios New York present “Piece Out” Saturday, September 14, 2013, from 1pm – 7pm, at The Trolley Museum of New York.
A day of live graffiti featuring Wane, Sye, Ewok and Keo painting a vintage New York Subway train.

The Trolley Museum of New York

89 E.Strand St
Kingston, NY