I was checking the internet two nights ago and realized that the cover image from my upcoming book is now online. The book titled “GRAFFITI 365” will be available October, 1st, 2011.  Been working on this for almost three years and can hardly believe it’s actually finished. The book is a global survey of Street Art and Graffiti from the beginning of those cultures through the present.
The forewards are by myself and ZEPHYR.  The book was a collaborative effort between myself and a crew of talented writers and photographers. I will be blogging some of the pics and texts from the outtakes in the near future just to give y’all an idea of what to expect. Stay tuned!

Steven Powers – A Love Letter For You!


Whether you spend your day in a suit, skate or just write graffiti, you know Philly has seen better days.

Thanks to the efforts of Steven Powers and support from partners like the Pew Center for the Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative, the city has been blessed with a grip of great outdoor art in the form of a mural series entitled, “A Love Letter For You”.

Now all those great murals can be enjoyed far beyond the cities limits, again thanks to Steven Powers with additional support from the Pew Center for the Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Love letter for You site and also available from DAP at








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Ghost is one of the last purveyors of the New York City train writing era. He has developed his own funky letter styles that defy convention. A mad bomber at heart, he thrashes out a few hundred throw-ups without a second thought. His styles possess that same casual blast, with a combination of loose letters and psychedelic cartoons that drip off the wall with boogaloo charm.


Rockin It Suckers: a crew that kept the NYC trainscene alive in the 90s. Rockin It Suckers: a book where that same crew tells their story in text and pictures.
Dokument Press are proud to present that will hit the streets in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday October 10th at the We Are Related gallery.
From 5 to 10 PM co-author Ket will be present, as a screening of the Videograf films and cheap bar. New York 90s hit Copenhagen 10s.

Where: Sankt Hans gade 19, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
When: Sunday October 10, 2010, 5-10 PM