Kickstarter : The Steel Wheels Show

The Steel Wheels show is an annual art exhibition that preserves and celebrates the culture of American Railroad Graffiti Art.This year (2013), the event will be held on October 11 & 12 at the Nelson Street Gallery in Atlanta Ga. Launched in 2008, The Steel Wheels Show has a specific purpose; to break the mold of the traditional canvas driven graffiti art show.We did this by honing in on the essence of the culture and showcasing graffiti, in miniature, on scale model train cars. While this was the primary surface on display in the earlier shows, the Steel Wheels collection has expanded to include, clay sculptures, railroad signage, vintage railroad and subway maps, pieces of discarded railroad equipment repurposed as art, and more. We also display a healthy portion of traditional canvas and framed railroad photography.
Steel Wheels 2013 will include a special twist of graffiti and fashion. The Steel Heels show will be an event within an event and will take place within the upcoming Steel Wheels Show. On display at the Steel Heels Show will be approximately 50 pairs of stiletto style high heel shoes, adorned with graffiti and relative art styles. Hand drawn by artist from far and wide, The Steel Heels show is sure to attract an edgy fashion element.

ll money raised will go solely to the operational and production costs of the Steel Wheels Show. A high level overview of our budget includes such costs as venue rental & deposit, building materials, labor, promotional fliers, T shirts and more.A detailed budget outline can be requested directly from the Steel Wheels Team by way of one or all of the contact persons listed below.

I. Fillin –

Cole Only –

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