“PACHAMAMA” Lima, Peru 2013

“PACHAMAMA” Lima, Peru 2013
In a collaborative effort 20+ women from the 5th annual Festival Nosotras Estamos en la Calle took part in creating a 10 story building mural entitled “PachaMama” in the center of Lima, Peru. To celebrate International Women’s History Month, and growing love for Street Art. The women invited to participate in this event came from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, and USA. The event brought these women together to create a larger than life piece that would represent WOMAN, NATURE, and IDENTITY. In a mountain like form, the image of a strong indigenous woman stands tall with a colorful poncho and peaceful blue skies. The quilt like pieces that come together like a rainbow illustrate images of; women, mother earth, animals, fertility, harvest, nature, native patterns, as well as planetary energy in mandala forms that comes from the sun, moon, and stars. As women from Latin America, and of native ancestors we believe that the PachaMama is working louder than ever before through artists and activists across the globe. Dope women at work! – Toofly

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