LADY PINK | INTERVIEW @tlgmagazine

Lady Pink first started writing graffiti when she was fifteen years old. Graffiti was an art phenomenon which started in New York in 1969 and by the late 70s it was a full-blown culture with heroes, villains and a multitude of crazy stories. By the time Lady Pink started there was already a history of many young ladies who had broken into the scene back in the 70s, but the women who were painting in the 70s were no longer writing by the time she started. Her work was larger, more colourful and had more character. At the time when she started writing in 1980, Lady Pink was painting subways and simultaneously, a lot of graffiti books were being published and the first movie features and documentaries were being created; the representation of her work and the work of those around her was spread worldwide.


read the rest hereĀ COVER-5

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