Since he started painting ‘K’ all over NYC in the ‘90s, Jeffrey Gamblero a.k.a Korn has gone through a number of transformations. From graffiti derelict, to poker king, and now to Brooklyn Nets obsessive, he tells his story in his first column for FRANK151, Lofty Goals.

In 1999, it was my life’s mission to paint this letter ‘K’ all over New York City. This is the 2nd Ave F train station in the Lower East Side. I was known on the streets as Korn.

So much has changed since then, but my lofty goals have not. Graffiti is the platform that has launched countless adventures while travelling the world, including bids on Riker’s Island, a decade of professional gambling, and my latest pursuit of becoming the Brooklyn Nets’ #1 superfan. I’m looking forward to sharing these stories and more with the FRANK151 readers. For my firstLofty Goals column, here’s a background on how I got started in the spray game.

I fell in love with graffiti growing up in the ‘80s when the trains were still blessed with layers of Krylon and Rustoleum. It was a thrilling experience every time my mother took me on the 7 train in Flushing, or the E or F in Forest Hills. Riding the trains back then felt like stepping into a real-life cartoon world. Graffiti was an integral part of the hip-hop lifestyle that was sweeping me up.



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