How & Nosm, German Graffiti Wonder Twins, Paint the L.A. Weekly Building

Shannon Cottrell

For more photos check out our slideshow, How + Nosm Paint the L.A. Weekly Building


The L.A. Weekly celebrated Valentine’s Day 2012 like no one else could, with a new red, black and white façade painted by artists Raoul and Davide Perre, known as How & Nosm.

In October, during our interview with How & Nosm about their show at Known Gallery, we half-jokingly asked if they’d want to paint the L.A. Weekly building, but we never imagined they’d say yes and actually set a date. The concept is, loosely, “messages in a bottle,” representing perhaps those the newspaper delivers every week, yet conveyed via familiar surrealist How & Nosm imagery: fish, hands, faces, hearts and brains, plus secret visuals we may never decipher.